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Uma Mukkara

Uma Mukkara

Communauté Litmus&MayaData


Maintainer of LitmusChaos
COO & Co-founder

Evolution of Cloud Native Chaos Engineering

Cloud native systems are becoming commonplace in modern IT environments. The primary change we see in these environments is the speed at which the changes happen and are expected to happen. Making sure the services are reliable amidst these fast changes is a big challenge. The solution comes in applying chaos engineering into modern DevOps. This new science of reliability engineering can be called Cloud Native Chaos Engineering or CNCE. In this session, we discuss the typical challenges of scale and reliability in cloud native space and the fundamentals of cloud native chaos engineering. We will also touch upon the role of developers and the best practices in increasing the resilience of the applications that they build.
LitmusChaos is a CNCF project that provides an end to end platform to practice or implement cloud native chaos engineering. It implements all the design goals of CNCE. With a large community of users using Litmus, it is well tested and highly scalable. This talk covers the basic architecture and use cases of LitmusChaos